Checking out the tmux sources

Only linux is supported at the moment, but OSX might work with some tweaks.

In path/to/examples/tmux, initialize the git submodule:

git submodule update --init repo

Create a Makefile

in tmux/repo:

./ && ./configure

Create a compile_commands.json

in tmux/repo:

intercept-build make check

If your compile_commands.json enables optimizations(-O2, -O3, etc) you will need to remove them so that unsupported compiler_builtins are less likely to be generated and leave you in an uncompilable state.

Run rm *.o compat/*.o here to get rid of gcc generated staticlibs or else you may see CRITICAL:root:error: some ELF objects were not compiled with clang: in the next step

Generate Rust Code

in tmux:

./ to translate all required c files into the tmux/repo/rust/src and tmux/repo/rust/src/compat directories.

Run Tmux

Run cargo run to build and execute tmux.